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A burning passion for action air (airsoft challenge)

Aim Tech Airsoft was founded in the spring of 2023 when 2 friends and former colleagues in the airsoft industry, with more than 40 years of experience joined forces in a burning passion for action air (airsoft challenge).

The vision was clear, the desire to make it easier for everyone to find and buy the absolutely necessary parts and equipment for use in action air.


We can offer you assembly and customization of your pistol and we also sell the most necessary parts from our shop.

Airsoft Challenge - Action Air

Postals and stages inspiration

Second hand pistols refurbished

As a new idea, we buy up pistols and replace necessary parts and at the same time ensure that they perform better than ever before.

Necessary parts for you pistol

The absolutely necessary parts for best performance can be found in our webshop

Aim Tech Airsoft

New and innovative ways to shoot

Projects & Services

Only the best for Action Air and Airsoft Challenge

Hi-capa Service and maintenance

Service and Maintenance

ATA offers all sorts of services for your pistols and gear. Everything from weekly maintenance to pre-tournament check-ups

Custom Hi-capa

Assembled by ATA

We offer a vast variety of custom builds, suited to fit your personal needs in the pursuit of perfection

Action air / airsoft challenge postal

Airsoft Challenge

Need inspiration for your next postal, training or tournament?

Would you like us to build your next custom pistol? Contact us here and find out more about what we have to offer.

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