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Burning Passion for Airsoft among two friends

Aim Tech Airsoft was founded in 2023 by two friends and former colleges in the airsoft industry, combining more than 40 years of experience with engineering, technincian work, shop management  and countless hours of airsoft skirmishing, milsims, speedsoft competitions and action air tournaments

With over 10,000 guns repaired and upgraded the two friends joined forces in a burning passion for action air (airsoft challenge).

The vision was clear, the desire to make it easier for everyone to find and buy the absolutely necessary parts and equipment for use in action air.

Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

More than

Repairs and upgrade

More than

Years of Experience

Still counting:

Completed Projects

At the same time, they found challenges that had to be solved on an electronic shooting system that was used in their local shooting association.

Issues with electronic target

Shooting in a local shooting association took place on an electronic shooting system with falling targets, which then gave rise to questions about whether the target was hit or not.

Wires above the floor provided flexibility in track design and had to be replaced frequently as they were damaged by shots from the airsoft guns.

The idea.

The idea of a Cordless error-free shooting system was put into motion.

The ATA system is now 55% finished and we expect to ship out prototypes to other shooting associations winthin 3 month

Great and successful feedback on our electronic shooting system.

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