Shh! Seals

Shh! Seals. Has been developed to minimize gas emissions when filling your magazines, this is not only greate for your wallet, but it also contributes to a better environment in your shooting association.

hi capa less boing! boing! Short stroke kit

Less Boing! Boing!

Less Boing! Boing! is our short stroke kit. Developed to reduce recoil from your GBB pistol, and thus reduce the movement of the sight. This is especially visible in the open class, where the dot in your sight is very visibly affected by the recoil.

CNC 6061 Aluminum Pistol Head - Enhanced stability, durability, and performance for your pistol with improved gas seal, providing a noticeable boost in FPS.

Hi-capa CNC Piston Head

To achieve a consistent FPS, an improved air seal is essential. This piston head prevents any gas from escaping, resulting in enhanced FPS and stability that will be readily noticeable.

ata valve keys - tool for maintenance

The Perfect Valve Tool

Numerous substandard valve keys are prevalent, prompting our realization that providing impeccable valve tools for the task is imperative. Achieving optimal maintenance for your magazines demands the use of the ideal intake and output valve tools, ensuring that you won't need to explore alternative options in the market!

hi capa trigger sear from ATA

Hi-capa CNC Trigger Sear

Crafted from duralumin, our product provides a reduced weight without compromising strength, comparable to that of 304 stainless steel.

hi capa disconnector from ATA

Hi-capa CNC Disconnector

Crafted to minimize friction with other components of the trigger mechanism, this disconnector is manufactured from duralumin. part.

Nozzle spring for TM Hi-capa

Hi-capa Nozzle Spring

An essential enhancement for those engaging in short strokes or seeking a highly effective air seal between the nozzle and bucking.

Recoil spring for tm Hi-capa

Hi-capa Recoil Spring

Designed to facilitate flawless cycles for slides of varying weights, this recoil spring delivers outstanding performance and durability.

If you own a business and are interested in retailing our products in your store, we welcome you to reach out to us at your convenience.

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