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Experience Matters

We've made all the mistakes so you don't have to. We are specialized in the Hi capa platform, Which undoubtedly is the best platform for action air, this also means that spare parts and especially upgrade parts are a jungle to navigate. We have tried hundreds of different parts, in almost as many combinations to find the best solution for ourselves and many others.

The solution is not just to buy the most expensive parts, from the best rated manufacturers, building a gun that can withstand being used hour after hour without breakdowns requires an incredible amount of adjustment and customization. We strive to offer our custommers the most necessary parts to optimize the way your gun operates.


What services do we offer

Fully Custom Build

Standard or Open Class?. Colours, specs, performance or all together.? We will build it for you, in close cooperation with you and your wishes, we will help you choose the right parts that matches your expectations.

ATA Level 1

ATA Level 1 are TM Hi capa pistols upgraded with the most necessary parts that makes you and your pistol perform at peak, for training and competition


Is your gun broken?, dirty? or malfunctioning? Maybe it needs a service or repair, nothing is too small or too big a task. We offer everything from pre-tournament trimming, to weekly maintenace to your gun. Remember that it is always cheaper to maintain than to repair


Do you already have a gun, and would you like it to perform even better. We offer to upgrade it, either with your own parts, or with the parts that, based on our experience, give the most performance for your money.

Would you like us to build your next custom pistol? Contact us here and find out more about what we have to offer.

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